Arts based dissertations

Rita L. Irwin - presentations

Rita L. Irwin - presentations The new practice of art-based research uses art making as a primary mode of enquiry rather than continuing to borrow research methodologies from other disciplines to study artistic processes. Canadian Perspectives on Arts Based Research in the Art Education. Creating an Artful Community of Inquirers A/r/tography and the arts-based dissertation.

Dissertation options - University of Warwick

Dissertation options - University of Warwick Drawing on contributions from arts therapies, education, history, organizational studies, and philosophy, the essays critiy examine unique challenges that include the personal and sometimes intimate nature of artistic enquiry and the complexities of the partnership with social science which has dominated applied arts research; how artistic discoveries are apt to emerge spontaneously, even contrary to plans and what we think we know; how truth can be examined through both fact and fiction as well as the interplay of objective and subjective experience; and ways of generating artistic evidence and communicating outcomes. Descriptions of Types of Third-Year Dissertation Research Options. Project-based dissertation practice 40% and written work 60% enables.

Edinburgh College of Art thesis and dissertation collection

Edinburgh College of Art thesis and dissertation collection Has published the authors and titles of doctoral dissertations in art history and visual studies—both completed and in progress—from American and Canadian institutions for calendar year 2015. This practice led research explores the possibility of cultural dislocation intrinsic to my glass art practice. The research on cultural dislocation is explored through.

<em>Dissertations</em> IESA International

Dissertations IESA International Traditionally, a text-based narrative dissertation has served as the snature capstone element of the doctoral research degree in history. A contemporary enquiry based on examination of the works of Aubrey Beardsley. This dissertation aims to analyse the phenomenon of corporate art collecting.

Doctoral Dissertation Proposals - School of <b>Arts</b> and Humanities.

Doctoral Dissertation Proposals - School of Arts and Humanities. Written dissertation (written work 100% of assessment) enables students to complete an individually written dissertation on a research topic of their choice and based on their investation of primary and secondary sources. Scholars in the arts and humanities typiy write short proposals to join conference. In addition to the dissertation proposal, scholars write longer proposals to.

Arts based dissertations:

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